Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yard Sale = Happy

Today was the much-anticipated town-wide yard sale day 
We have been tripping over the piles in the basement and the piles in the attic--all waiting for today! I wasn't very optimistic since it's pretty chilly and pretty early in the yard sale season--but our town has advertised very well and for a long time and we had an excellent turn out! There were always people at our sale with no lulls all day! 
We were only selling:
*baby boy clothes, shoes, socks etc
*toddler girl clothes, shoes etc
*toys, toys, toys
*airwick air fresheners and toiletries from my couponing for free adventures
No furniture, antiques or anything interesting and STILL *still* we made
!hundreds! of dollars!!!
I thought we'd make like $50! I'm so thankful to be rid of almost everything we put out to sell! 
It was so fun! 
I can't wait to continue couponing throughout this year sell my stuff again next year! This is all stuff I paid $0 or just tax on and people cleared the tables of it as soon as I put it down! I kept running upstairs to my stockpile and replenishing! 
It was super fun and exciting! =)
Yes, I know, I don't get out much! Ha!
The kids sold some stuff too and had a lot of fun manning their little table. They also walked with Daddy around town and made a few small purchases. =)
It was a great day--I'm so thankful to have gotten rid of so much. What a blessing to regain walking space and storage space!
In other news, here's some cute pictures of Maeve I took the other day!

In other, *other* news, we got some bad news today! Boo! So if you could spare a moment to say a prayer for us that would be much appreciated!
Le sigh.
Anyways, I hope you all had a profitable Saturday! =)


as told by: Korleen said...

yay! Garage sales are SO much work. So glad it paid off for you! I'll be praying for you and whatever is going on.

Madre said...

Sorry to hear that you had the set-back. I am praying that the Lord will help make a way and that you and stevenson will not let this discourage you. Keep trusting and thanking Him and He will send the blessings, my dear daughter. love you!