Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday Friday.....

As I type this my husband and his music team are either:
a)preparing to go on stage and sing
b)just finished singing
Last year they placed second in the country--not too shabby for a tiny little Christian school (no doubt proof of the amazing-ness of my husband!!!! they also beat out some of the local large public schools with very prestigious music programs. boo-yah!!). 
So, it's boring without him and I miss him. Boo. But hopefully he's enjoying his big night in NYC!
The kids are finally in bed--we were lucky enough to be able to spend some time with Granny and Pop today--the kids are always soooo happy to see them! I am too, I just love seeing how excited they are! 
We didn't do too much today--just ran some errands and I looked around at different plants as I prepare to plant some type of hedge-row in our backyard (this weekend?). There's a few spots where the grass needs reinforcement too so we'll be getting some mighty grass seed to see if it solves our patchy problem. 
Nothing else exciting is going on--I watched the most amazing PBS miniseries (on netflix) the other day--It's called *Downtown Abbey.* I totally fell in love with the characters and the writing and the story and of course, it ended in a cliff hanger so there sure as heck better be a follow up!!! 
Here are some picture of the cutest son I've ever had:

You're welcome. =)
Happy Friday and Goodnight!

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Madre said...

please plant a big kiss on that cute boy's cheek from this far away grannie oxoxoxo