Monday, April 4, 2011

I Miss This Kid

It's so weird not having Amelie around everydayallday.
She was the one who introduced me to motherhood and diapers and not sleeping through the night and taking trips to the park and taking pictures of every little thing and worryingabouteverything and color coordinating outfits and naps and just about everything important that I do everydayallday.
It's weird that she doesn't need me as much.
But really, really, really I still need her around.
I'm so proud of you Amelie! 
You are happy and lively and big and independent and smart and funny and beautiful (even with a block-induced black eye!). 
And I miss you-and I miss taking pictures of you-and having you around because you talk in sentences that I can understand and wipe your own butt-so glad that summer is around the corner! =)

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Madre said...

Yes, my dear daughter, it is hard to miss your children. It doesn't get easier...and you NEVER love them any less.
and yes
They do need you less and less
and that is
very hard.
love you always - madre xoxo