Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i am completely, utterly and irrevocably in *love* with spring break!!!!
we have been desperately waiting and desperately needing some down time together and it has been wonderful so far!! 
so many house projects have been accomplished and so many fun activities--today we headed to the shore for the morning! it was absolutely gorgeous--so sunny and lovely--the water was SPARKLING (and freezing! =).we had the entire shoreline to ourselves--awesome!
Ezra HATED the water =) as soon as his toes got a taste of the icy cold ocean he screamed and ran all the way up the beach to the stroller! he kept shaking his head *no* at the water and giving the ocean dirty looks =)
see? far away as possible!! =)
dejected. ha!
"mama, i hate this place!" =)
 Maevey isn't much of a water girl either--she does like water but is hesitant with the big waves of the ocean.
she loved spending her time scooping sand and running around and was very happy but isn't much for getting wet!

 observing. =)
and then, there's *Amelie*!!
 amelie LOVES the ocean.
 and jumping in it!
and wading up to her waist!
and dancing and splashing!
 she was in heaven! =) and i was in heaven watching how happy she was!
it was a lovely day! =)

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Madre said...

It was lovely to see pictures of your lovely family enjoying their lovely day.

love you all