Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Netflixy Notes

i can't believe spring break is already half over! boo!
it was another beautiful day here--the most amazing cool breeze is blowing through the house--all day the sky threatened rain but nothing much happened aside from a 5 minute light sprinkle--another lovely day!
we ran a bunch of errands today and i ordered a new pair of glasses as mine have been severely tortured and bruised by the children =)
anyways--i'm still continuing my netflixy love affair--here's a rundown of what i've watched recently =)
The Back-up Plan
I fully expected this movie to be ridiculous and it was--but in the good lifetime-movie-of-the-month-way. The story was implausible, the actors gorgeous, the homes/apartments featured stunning, the comedy so-so, but it was watchable and light on the brain--which, is really, the most you can hope for sometimes. =)
Harry Potty and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1:

I actually watched this through Amazon since I had some free movie credits and didn't want to wait another month for Netflix to send it to me! It was long and very much action-y.  It's a big budget blockbuster with lots of fancy affects and mood lighting. It's funny how mature the actors seem now--so grown up! I watched this because I'm a fan of the books and have seen the movies--probably not a must see if you aren't a Potter-fan (especially as it seemed light on actual storyline and super heavy on moodiness and action). It's a B+ for me, but if you aren't involved in the series I wouldn't run out and see it.

It's Complicated:
This movie was another light-hearted fluff of a piece that I wanted to see because of the lead actors (Meryl, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin). The acting was better than the script but it was an enjoyable movie.
The King's Speech:
I was very excited to see this movie (Colin Firth? yes please!) and since it had done so well during award season I was very interested to see it if lived up to the hype. Short answer? Yes! This was a lovely movie chronicling the unlikely friendship between King George and his speech therapist. It was a feel good overcoming-all-odds movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a bit of cursing but as a part of the speech therapy process I didn't find it offensive. I also really enjoyed a very understated Helena Bonham Carter in her role as royal-wife-to-be. Really, a great movie!
I almost didn't put this one here because it's so ridiculous. I love musicals and was interested to see Cher in the movies again and for those reasons ordered it. It's not as risque as the title suggests and is mostly a love story interwoven with a David v Goliath type business story. Christina Aguilera is distractingly thin (but still beautiful)--and girl can dance (better than Britney) and sing (also, better than Britney) but the movie is even more chock full of what Christina does best--over singing, screeching and her oh-just-please-love-me-vibe. 
Cher looks and sounds great in this and is a very natural actor--all the acting was fine--although, I'll admit that there are a few moments where I felt this movie was a rip off of A)Showgirls B) Chicago/Moulin Rouge C) a lifetime movie I watched called, "All She Wants For Christmas" . Formulaic and uninspired and a bit bland for a movie with so flashy a title.

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