Monday, April 25, 2011

it was an absolutely glorious, super-warm, spring day!
i had looked at the forecast this morning to decide:
a) should i hang out my laundry?
b) which day should we go to the shore...
c) should i water my grass seed?
well, the forecast on a few different sites was grim and bleak and full of thunder and rain and storms! so, we decided to run a few errands and stick close to home--well, were we ever surprised when the skies cleared off and it was hot and sunny and delightful all day! 
i'm bummed we didn't go anywhere exciting, but hopefully there will be days later this week that are nice enough!
we did start planting my new pet project though--a hedge row!
we picked a shrub called, *privet*
someday--it'll look like this:
not so much right now--they are a nice height but need to fill in sideways =) anyways, i also planted some impatients, hostas and grass seed in our super shady back yard--i'm hoping everything pulls through! =)
anyways, aside from the planting and the errands it was SO lovely to just be home with my husband and children! we've gotten a lot of projects done already and are looking forward to more outdoor work during the upcoming week!
hope ya'll had a happy monday! i'm so glad it's finally SPRING BREAK for us!!

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