Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday And The Weepies

my parents both work at a school that has spring break 
*this* week
so yesterday they headed down 
(with my aunt rosemary) 
to chincoteague 
--you know, the place where the ponies roam =)
i think it's their new favorite vacation spot (lots of wildlife/beaches/ocean etc)
anyways, they were passing perilously close to south jersey and decided to brave the philly traffic and stop by for an hour!
i'm so glad they did--it was wonderful to see them and my aunt but soooo sad too!
i miss having them close by and each time i see them i think about how we're all getting older 
how nothing stays the same for long 
how i miss the days when we were in the same state
it's been 14 years since i've lived at home
it's amazing to me to think that i've been gone nearly as long as i lived there!
so many memories are tied up for me there
i'm thankful for today, of course, but every once in a while i can't help but 
remember yesterday
field of grass napping
horse, cow, chicken, sheep, pig, goat, geese, duck tending
hay baling/wood stacking
reservoir swimming
island camping
bike/4 wheeler/snowmobile riding
garden planting
rock picking
flower collecting


as told by: Korleen said...

I'm sorry you're missing home. But look on the bright side, couponing is a huge hassle here. We only have 1 rite aid and the next closest is 20 minutes away! :-) HTH!

Madre said...

For sure...that short visit was sweet sorrow...
Don't know why we have to live far away from each other - but am thankful for a good car and just enough money to keep putting gas in it. We will be back soon for a REAL visit! we love you all and miss you EVERY day! madre xoxo