Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Big Girl Goodbye

It was time.
Past time actually...
Maeve is just soooo in love with her crib that neither one of us had the heart to bid it goodbye!
Today, however, was *the* day.
I wasn't sad at first...but as I took down the rails and the mattress I started thinking about bringing that crib home for my Amelie-girl and then moving her out of it and Maeve into it and Maeve has been there ever since!
Amelie liked the crib, but Maeve LOVED it--she spent hours and hours playing there and even asked to go to nap so that she could have her crib-playtime.
Now that she's potty trained and has started climbing out of it (to bring toys back in) it really was time....
So now, it sits on the porch ready for trash day (don't be alarmed--it's so old and really wasn't expensive--I don't feel I can pass it on because it seems not very stable after SO much use!).
Some last minute pictures with Maeve-y before I took it apart:


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Madre said...

So very big. Sniff, sniff, tear - AHHHHHHH!