Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a packed week it has been!! We are still really enjoying Vacation Bible School and I am especially enjoying how well my children are sleeping at night from how tired they are from all the activity!! =) Ha!
In the ladies class we learned some health and fitness tips from the fantastic Janet who has completely changed her body/health habits with amazing results. She actually inspired me to get moving--seeing someone you know get in shape makes it seem much more attainable. I have already lost 20 pounds just with my mile-a-day-jog. There are many pounds to go but I feel healthy and happy and am really enjoying my new exercise routine. The other day I ran 2 miles and felt great afterwards--this is a major accomplishment for me as I have never been a runner and just a few short months ago I could barely run 1 block. Amazing!
I had more to write but am having a hard time thinking as Amelie is practicing piano. She attacks everything with such intensity it's a little difficult to focus on anything else at the moment. =) Love her! Happy Thursday!


Janet said...


Faith, Hope & Lovebugs said...

Janet, can you come to the obx to teach my friends and self your health secrets! Way to go Shelly! Inspiring friends are the best a friend could have!

Madre said...

You are inspiring me! I love you.