Sunday, August 21, 2011


1. I can't believe that there is only one more sunday in August--Oh summer!!! Where did you go!?!?

2. I love that Amelie loves playing piano!
Even more than that, I love when she plays duets with her Daddy! Favorite!!!!

3.  Right now my husband is taking requests and playing whatever songs they ask for, for their impromptu dance party. Favorite again!!

4.I just listed a bunch of things on Ebay--not my favorite thing to do but Mama needs a new pair of curtains! =)

5. That's it. The weekend always goes much much MUCH too fast!


Madre said...

I feel like I am watching you as a little girl....tear /!

Devin said...

Oh that was SO good! I went back and watched it two more times :). So proud of her! I can't wait till Colin can sit and do that with me!!