Monday, August 22, 2011

It was a lovely day here today--the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!! Perfect, sunny, warm and not too humid! I love open-window-weather! =) It was our lucky day because a dear friend of mine, from high school, recently moved into the area and we got together today! Here's a picture of all of our cute kiddies! Thanks for coming over Em!
In other news, my little people are on a little people (as in fisher price) kick. Which I love because they have so much fun building cities and I hate because there are so many stinkin' pieces to pick up when they are done! Really though, happy kids = priceless!
Well, we just got back from a lovely family walk to the park and now it's bedtime--YAY!!!! =)
Hope you all had just as lovely a day!

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Emily said...

Yay for our super cute kids, and super wonderful and much-needed playdates! Thanks for having us. :)