Saturday, August 27, 2011

rainy days and earthicanes

Amelie woke up this morning and declared that it was "Earthicane Day." 
For some reason she has a hard time remembering hurricane....well, probably the reason is that 
Please be nice to us Irene....and especially be nice to my basement--I'm kind of worried about it down there!! Also, those great big trees in my back yard. Thanks. 
Today I decided to sort through the fall/winter clothes for the girls (since that's a good rainy day task). 
I LOVE switching seasons and sorting clothes except today I realized:
1. There is no need to switch Maeve's clothes out to 4T since 3T is still big on her (there are still some lingering 18 & 24 month clothes in her closet that fit perfectly--I only switch them out because I can't stand seeing the same clothes forever Le. Sigh). 
2. Amelie's school pants (which fit her 3 weeks ago) are now ALL too small. Like way too small. Apparently she has gone through an epic growth spurt in the last few weeks and only has ONE pair of pants that will work for school. Gah. Just when I thought I was all caught up I'm not!!
Also, since we've been home today we've already:
1. watched videos of Wipeout online
2. dressed as Indian Princesses in homemade saris
3. made blueberry muffins
4. set up a giant train track
5. read books
6. watched cartoons
and there is still so much day and so much rain left.
That's it for now! Our turkey dinner is all ready to go!

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