Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Some Things...

1. 8 days until Amelie is officially a first grader--I am going to miss her so much!! Also, I'm starting to wonder who is going to cater to Ezra and Maeve's every whim when she isn't around every day with us =)
2. Speaking of Amelie, she is sorting out her possessions and getting rid of them--which is great, only she wants to get rid of them by giving them to everyone in her family which means it's still ALL here, just in my room or Ezra's room instead of her's. Ha. Sweet little hoarder! =)
3. Ezra officially knows the words to Katy Perry's Firework. Gah. 
A) Amelie taught him the words 
B)my kids have no idea who Katy Perry is--but they do watch clips of The Singing Bee on Youtube and that's how they learned it. =) 
4. I went to see The Help with friends last night--it was very good, although I think the book was much better. Isn't that the way though? The book is always better! 
5. I took two days off from running because of the hurricane (it was nice yesterday but I was scared a branch was going to fall on me if I ran in all that wind). I went out today and was slow but still could run my usual 2 miles without stopping. It's amazing to me that I'm actually RUNNING further then I would have dared to walk just a few short months ago. 
6.Speaking of running, my jeans are nice and loose =)
7. I'm so glad the hurricane has passed--I spent so many days worried over it--and it was scary to see that there were tornados(es?) in our area but the Lord kept our basement dry (which is a miracle since even in light rain we usually get a puddle) and our trees intact. You could see on the radar (you know, since I watched the coverage all night to see if we had to run into the basement) that there was this little pocket of light rain/no rain right over our area. For most of the night our little area was protected--I don't know what that "means" other than the fact that it leaves me very stinkin' thankful. =)
8. I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay, which I'm very excited about, because my ulterior motive was to make money to buy new curtains for my kitchen. =) Yay! Can't wait to get back to Ikea!!
9. That's it! Happy Monday!! We're going to try to cram as much last minute summer fun as we possibly can!!!

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