Monday, August 15, 2011


1. It was my favorite kind of day--dull and rainy--we didn't go anywhere or do anything--just entertained ourselves at home. I did some projects around the house, Ezra and Maeve played trains and colored all day and Amelie wrote a book and sorted Box Tops for me =). Then there were the naps 
(book + couch + blanket x open windows and heavenly breezes = Happy Day!
2. We took time for manicures with my new favorite color:

3. We Halloween-costume-shopped online. =) The consensus so far:
4. Also, the most amazing sight I have ever in all my days beheld--the post office dropped off all of our accumulated mail from during vacation---JACKPOT!! There were packages and notes from friends and netflix movies and free samples and coupons and 10 magazines. Woot!
5. Last but not least, pictures from Wonderland Amusement Park--what a wonderful vacation we had!
Ezra's *watching* face
 My happy handsome boys!
 Amelie waving even though she was a little sad that she hopped on a non-moving carousel horse =)
 So cute! Serious flying going on here!
 I couldn't believe how much Maeve loved the spinning rides--her favorite was the tilt o whirl which I didn't get a picture of, but this was pretty spinny too!

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