Wednesday, August 24, 2011

(Most Of)Today In Pictures

We had another great day (and no crazy earthquake excitement =)!
This morning I took all *three* kids grocery shopping and they were great! Ezra was a little screamy (happy scream not sad scream) but otherwise perfection. =)
We had an impromptu playdate at a new park with friends! It was great because it was pretty Ezra-friendly (he is a DAREDEVIL). He only almost died a couple of times which is much better then we usually fare. 
This kid is giving me GRAY hair!!
After lunch the girls were feeling artistic and Maeve made this:
(she says it's an airplane)
Amelie said, "Hey Mom! Look! I made the Statue of Libery!"
And she did! Ha!
She was feeling even more artistic later in the day when she Picasso'd her sister:
We had a cute girly playdate too!
We ended up going to the pool after dinner with Mr. Wonderful since we couldn't go this morning and Ezra finally mastered his Puddle Jumper/life jacket and was actually swimming with it! Too cute and a lot less stressful for Mommy!
Happy Wednesday!
(*T-minus 14 days and counting until school starts--totally. in. denial...)

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