Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Day The Earth Didn't Stand Still

we had a lovely morning
with parks and friends and yummy lunch and happy playtime
(we're so lucky to have friends that love us and love spending time with us)
and then we came home and the littles napped
and amelie did projects and i rested my eyes
when LO
the house started shaking, and i thought it was a train because sometimes when a train goes by the house vibrates? jiggles? just a little bit
but then it wasn't a little
it was a lot and the lamps were swaying and the couch was JUMPING
and the ceiling fan was banging
and amelie yelped and jumped onto my lap
and then it was over
and i turned on the tv to confirm that it was what i thought
it was weird and i didn't like it
and that was the most *exciting* part of my day
thank goodness =)

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