Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My sweet baby girl went back to school today!!
I can't believe my little darling is a 1st grader! She was nervous about going back--I think it's hard to adjust from the schedule of summer (and always being home with Mommy) to getting back into the swing of things--but at the end of the day she was already very excited about her little friends and the year ahead!
I'm so proud of her--love that Amelie-Girl!
She wanted to pose with her backpack! =)
So grown up! *tear!
The traditional Daddy/Amelie pose:


Maeve and Ezra beside themselves at seeing Amelie go! Ack! I almost didn't want to go back inside! We recovered nicely though and laid low today.
It'll take us some time to adjust--but we'll get there!
Eventually =)

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Madre said...

Who can believe first grade!!! So thankful that you keep this grannie close with sharing your beautiful pictures and stories! I love you, madre xoxo