Thursday, September 1, 2011


So--I'm livin' it up during my last netflixy month (before I boycott them and their great big new prices...ick!). Anywho--here's what I've watched lately =)
Whip It

Love. Love. Loved. this movie. Seriously--funny & off-beat, starring a lot of cool people (Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Kristin Wig, Juliette Lewis etc)--this roller-derby romp was good fun and I would definitely watch it again. Beware--just a touch of cursing and roller-skating violence. Ha. 
This is a BBC mini-series featuring the lives of the Holland family and their servants. Much more interesting and engaging than I thought it would be--it takes place in England during the rise of Hitler. Not as dramatic as it sounds, but certainly full of drama. Very enjoyable for anyone who likes BBC period-pieces. 
Date Night:
I put off watching this movie--even though I really like Tina Fey, because I figured it would be annoying.
I. Was. Wrong.
It was laugh-out-loud funny and I really enjoyed it! The premise was a bit outlandish (over tired parents go out on the town and get mistaken for some bad guys, get chased by some bad guys and save the day etc) but was funny, well paced, enjoyable and relate-able on the parenting bent. Super silly fun!
Now, I really love off-beat musicals. Really. Love them. But this? It wasn't just off-beat it was weird. I knew the story was about a man and his nine muses--I just didn't realize that he was involved with most of them. It was mostly just a really sad story about sad people in between some flashy song and dance routines. The songs weren't memorable, the lead actor wasn't very engaging, the story-line was dumb and even the repertoire of amazingly beautiful actresses couldn't save it. 
Country Strong:
Boring. Bad Singing. Bad Acting. Stupid Ending. Boring.
I think that about sums it up. =)
Lark Rise to Candleford:
I'm not sure if I shared this one before--but I just finished watching all three seasons of this and LOVED it more than anything I've watched in a long time. This is a BBC weekly show (cancelled half way through it's season earlier this year) and I loved the characters, the story, the everything. I wish there were 10 more seasons to watch!! It basically follows the story of a girl named Laura, as she moves from the poor farming community of Lark Rise and goes to work in the post office of Candleford with her Aunt. The characters and writing are so lovable and engaging--absolutely enjoyable!

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