Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Pictures

It was a dreary day-it rained lightly on and off all day and we laid low. I decided to tackle the toys in the playroom because we have a house-full of fall/winter birthdays and I wanted to weed out before we bring in new toys. =) 
It was a HUGE job but I got rid of 2 garbage bags full (1 to donate, 1 to trash) and everything is neatly organized--for a few minutes anyways!
The kiddos were very good while I worked--they both played house--
Maeve played girl style--with princesses:
Ezra played boy style--with trains:
Maevey has been playing in her room during naptime instead of sleeping--which is fine because she's my low-maintenance child. =) Sometimes, she really is tired though! Today she was watching and playing with Gumby and fell asleep on the couch. So cute!

Ezra took a normal nap and was only marginally grumpy today--yay!
That's it! Off to list a few odds and ends on ebay and pack some stuff up to ship! Happy Tuesday!

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