Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why do the weekends fly by so quickly!?
We had a lovely one, at least! =)
I felt so refreshed after church today--it was a great message and some wonderful hymns/praise choruses that really lifted my spirits.
I'm so thankful for our church!
Today was promotion Sunday and Amelie moved up to the next grade level/Sunday School Class! She was so excited--she's such a big girl!
Some pictures of the kiddos before church 
(Ezra wasn't into it! =)

In other news, usually I take Sundays off from exercise but it was so lovely and cool this afternoon I went out and 1 mile into my 2 mile run my ipod died. 
It's been dying and coming back to life for two weeks now and it always quits right when I'm desperate for music to lift my spirits and my feet! Ha!
R.I.P. 2008-2011
I'm no running purist--I can not go further than a mile without my boyfriend Adam Levine and gal pal Adele along. 
It simply can't be done.
Le sigh 
C'est Le Vie!  
Happy Sunday night!

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