Thursday, September 29, 2011

I feel like I spent so much of the last few years in *survival* mode--always pregnant or breastfeeding or toting an infant or 2 young children or get the picture.
I feel like I'm just starting to come out of it--my house is usually clean, I'm usually showered, I'm actually exercising (ran 2 miles today thankyouverymuch!) and I almost never feel crazy. =) HA!
So....I've decided to structure our days a little more--we've always had a regular schedule but it's time to mix it up! Maeve has started working on preschool-y things! I wasn't sure at first--but she's so eager to learn and it's very fun to work with her! 
Today we started a number book--counting, gluing shapes, and learning to write her numbers. We also worked on spelling her name and some cutting! It was a little scary at first but she quickly developed more confidence with the scissors and with writing--I have underestimated the little blond one! =)
Here she is:
 Ezra worked on emptying & filling a box of crayons/markers (which is why he is shirtless in the picture below =). And then they moved onto color sorting with Connect 4!
I couldn't believe how quickly Ezra picked up on just getting the yellow checker-things (technical term =) and sorting them into his box before placing them in the game!
And then we took a nice long walk in the stroller and they serenade me with *Firework*....I have GOT to teach those kids a new song!!! 
Also, I pinned about 12,000 things on Pintrest because I can't stop myself. Love, love, LOVE!!! 
Happy Thursday!

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Madre said...

Who needs pre-k when you have a cool momma who comes up with learning activities right at home!