Saturday, September 3, 2011

Whatta busy day!
I went on a Fall-Cleaning tear through the house and took down all of the curtains and beat the dust off them outside and then I beat the rugs too--you know, just to show them who's in charge! =)
That took the better part of the morning and then our family took a quick trip to Ikea!
I got some curtains I've had my eye on (and that I sold a ton of stuff on ebay to purchase!!) and then we had a lovely kids-eat-free-family-lunch! 
I heart Ikea--so stinkin' fun!! (Even if the Saturday morning crowd was a bit scary/questionable/weird).
When we got home I started revamping the kitchen! 
I made new shades (using this tutorial here) and I LOVE them!! 
I also recovered my dining chairs (the fabric got sooooooo gross over the last two years since I covered them the first time. Ick.) Lucky for me--all of the fabric that I needed for my projects was 75% off at Joann's!!
This handsome guy kept running into the kitchen and checking on my work--Love him!!!
Here are some pictures from my new kitchen set up! Still a work in progress--but making progress is always a good thing! 
Ikea Curtains!!
 New Shade Down!
 And Up!
 Favorite plates from Granny of the East!
 Blue & White & Yellow = Happy
 More Blue Stuff (It's everywhere!)
That's it for now! My parents are here for a visit so I'm sure we'll be busy these next few days! Yay!
Good night! =)

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