Monday, September 19, 2011

It was a long and weird and wonderful and hard and fun day.
Ezra has been off.
off schedule
off sleep patterns
off temper
off off off
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's two year old molars coming through and not a case of the super early tiresome twos (I'd say terrible but everybody knows 2s are annoying-ish but 3s are the real horror story).
He was up at 5.
And woke up the girls.
Double Gah.
And was pretty grumpy so I tried for a morning nap and it didn't take.
So we went on a long walk to the park and played and then to the lake to feed the fishes and the ducks--and that went well. Then a bit of fun playing/interspersed with screaming until THE WORLD's SHOREST NAP for Ezra and a non-existent nap for Maeve.
Yes. These details are mundane but WOW. 
They felt important and MAJOR today.
So's bedtime and everyone is pretty melty. =) Hopefully tomorrow brings a later wake-up call and a happier Ezra-boy! Honestly though, even on a difficult day there isn't anywhere I'd rather be than with my babies. I'm so thankful for our days together--it's really pretty wonderful, even when it's kind of terrible. =)

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