Friday, July 8, 2011

It was a rainy rainy day here--and though we desperately need a little rain (we haven't had any to speak of for weeks!) it's a little intense. 

Last night while my husband was at his opera-gig there was a tremendous storm with super strong and frightening wind shears and torrential rain--at one point the rain and wind were so strong that I couldn't see out any of our windows and when I heard tree limbs snapping I grabbed my children and we hid in the basement. 

And then, the sun came out and everything was ok...aside from the fact that the basement was flooding. Gah. 

And today, que extra-heavy rain and we are still flood-y. Ick. We had a tornado warning this evening and honestly, it would just be a whole lot easier to be blown away then to keep my kids in the basement any longer than 5 seconds.

Anywho, =)
We tried a new playdough recipe today! Koolaid playdough! It was super easy to make and no expensive cream of tarter in the recipe!
(I found this picture on the googles--i only had pink lemonade koolaid and it didn't turn out a very exciting color =).

This is the next one we'll try!! Peanut Butter playdough? 
Heck. Yes. I bet it will be an even bigger hit! 
Not much else is new, I'm just thankful that after this never-ending-crazy-children-day that my husband is here to help me corral them. I'm also thankful that if the world doesn't blow away we're going to get takeout after they are in it 7 yet?! 
Good night!

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Madre said...

I was pretty sure it would be a take out night, when Amels told me that they were having waffles for supper! ;o)