Thursday, July 14, 2011


The girls woke up bright and EARLY (emphasis on the early), skipped downstairs and immediately started playing dress-up. They were so silly--here's CinderellaCinderella:
And Ezra? Being that the poor lad lives with two girls he grabbed the first thing he found and asked me to put them on! He's a fairy! Or cupid! Or something! Not very manly, but very, very cute! =)

It was an absolutely gorgeous, perfect, low-humidity, warm but not blazing kind of day and we soaked it up! We took a nice long walk in the morning during Amelie's piano lesson, had a quick park date and enjoyed the pool before naps! And now, the babes are in bed and my husband is going to pick up takeout for grown-up-dinner. Favorite. 
Happy Thursday!

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BluSkies80 said...

I love seeing Ezra dressed up. It reminds me of all the years Hannah dressed up Aiden in princess costumes and dress up shoes. I have lots of pics. documenting it=) He looks adorable!