Saturday, July 9, 2011

it's saturday night and i am baking cookies and sifting through the netflix archives for something fabulous to watch.

i think i've settled on--------->
starring vintage sarah jessica parker, helen hunt and shannon doherty.
i'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome (or awesomely bad--either way, i'll be happy. =)

my husband is doing something slightly more refined and playing for the delaware valley opera company's performance of *don giovanni* because he's awesome like that.
and the children? they are sleeping and i am so happy about that since they recieved miniature light sabers in their happy meals this evening and have been pummeling each other for hours. it is quiet and peaceful now and it is such a treat!

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as told by: Korleen said...

ha! I was just looking at that movie this morning and thinking how I was going to have to watch it at some point this week! Oh and 2 of my kids also have mini light sabers also. Fun times!