Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've been working today on putting things together to visit my family this weekend! It's a little overwhelming but I'm making progress! It's kind of taking over the house though and making me lose my mind a little bit!!
Anyways, the other day I went to see the Harry Potter finale with a friend and it was really excellent--I'm pretty sure it's my favorite movie of them all--just super well done and really tied up the series well. I'm so glad I got to go!!

My friend brought some pretty amazing caramel corn and inspired me to try making some on my own--it turned out good but not great--I only had microwave popcorn to start with and I think it would have been better with flavor-free air pop. Still pretty yummy though. =) (recipe here)
So that's it! We had a very busy morning running errands and tying up loose ends before we go and since the kiddos were so well behaved through it all I took them to the pool where they all promptly melted, fought, cried, wailed and generally caused mayhem. Wow. So, it's naptime and I need a break just as much as they do! Happy Wednesday!

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