Wednesday, July 6, 2011

it was sooo humid and hot today.
i dragged my poor babies (2 in the stroller, 1 on a bike) to the park and we all melted....luckily we cooled off at the pool and even luckier than that, they were so exhausted from our adventures that they all took an awesome nap; and i joined them b/c napping is my favorite. =)
i love the freedom we have to do whatever we want with our summer days--it's such a luxury to have so many free days with them--i'm reminding myself of this when we're tired and cranky and hot. =)
i'm currently reading *Give Them Grace*  and it's really rocking the way i look at my own life and how i raise my children--i'll share more when i've had more time to digest it all.
i'm still (slow)jogging and really starting to enjoy it more. exercise has become a consistent part of my life over the last two months--and it's a time for myself that i really enjoy and look forward to every day. 
speaking of things i look forward to--it's almost time for bed! yippee! good night!

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SarahV said...

Josh and I have been reading that book! It's so convicting. It definitely has us ready to make some changes. We'll have to talk about it when we see each other next!