Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The second day we were in New York we headed to the beach! It was so beautiful there--it's called Southwicks Beach and it's on the shores of Lake Ontario. 
We went there a lot growing up--it was my favorite beach to go to because the water stays very shallow for a long time (even 30+ feet from the shore it's only 3-4 feet deep!) and it's perfectly sandy! 
The day we went there were awesome waves and Amelie just about lost her mind with glee jumping and rolling around in them! =) 
Maeve also loved the water and stayed in until she was *blue* ha! Ezra...well, he's more of a staying-on-the-shore-boy but he had fun anyways! =) 
The beach:
My Dad loves flying kites and so he brought some for the girls--they love it too!

Maeve and her kite-flying skills!

My favorite husband =)

A picture of the NY cousins! Aunt Amy and Cousin Ethan spent the day with us and it was lovely to see them! Little Ethan and Ezra are less than 1 month apart! Ethan loved staying neat and tidy on the beach while Ezra loved getting dirty from head to toe! So funny!

The family 5

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B said...

Is Southwick better than Westcott? We've been wanting to try it out, but don't know anyone that's been! I have only commented once in a while, but was thrilled to see you talking about where we are...somewhere almost no one knows about!