Friday, July 15, 2011


we had a lovely day
the weather was amazing and mild-ish
i went for a long-ish run this morning and didn't have to walk and my legs didn't turn to spaghetti and my lungs didn't burst into flames and i could have kept going and it felt great. 
i've been faithfully going out nearly every morning and it was lovely, for ONCE, to feel like i *am* improving my fitness level!!
my kids were at turns wild and wonderful today--i took them to the grocery store and they were the poster children for perfect kids (and they were clean and color coordinated and illicit-ed many ooo's and ahhh's =) and then we got home and they were the poster children for insanity-inducement.
we even had a pool date with some of our favorite people!
naps were a bit of a fail but ezra slept! ha! =)
my husband is home tonight and it is quiet and the windows are open and it is lovely!
amazon even gifted me with free movie credits!
i watched Red Riding Hood:
a good (not great) movie--i really enjoyed the cinematography and the artists' eyes that put it together. amanda seyfried is stunning, the movie is well paced and the ending is surprising. this movie was pretty clean too--no cursing that i can recall (no *hard* curses anyways), the violence is all peripheral and no indecent exposure. =) 
anywho, time to put my feet up and flip through the (free)magazines that arrived today--i have a soft spot for UsWeekly. =)

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