Friday, March 27, 2009

Amelie Says

Amelie says,
"Mommy, I'd like an orange please.
But not the kind of oranges that I can't peel (navel),
and not the kind of oranges that I can peel (clementine)
but the kind of oranges that live in a can (mandarin).
Thank you."
Tee hee! Oranges that live in a can....
p.s. everyone has slept, is fever free, appropriately medicated and it's friday. phew!


Micayla said...

Haha. That girl has a wild imagination. I'm glad you've slept and Maeve is feeling better!

Janet said...

Oh, nice. I'm so glad everyone is better over there. You made it to the other side alive! Yay You.

A Repletion of Reverie said...

"(Oranges) come from a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory downtooown. If I had my little way, I'd eat (oranges) everyday!"

Sheri said...

Glad you are on the road to recovery!!!!