Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. has anyone else felt the weeks are flying by lately? where oh where is time going 'round here?!
2. it's getting warmer...which I like but it's still chill enough to not be entirely pleasant. let's change that please!
3. i thought i'd already sorted out the girls clothes--switching sizes/seasons when i discovered a cove of neglected clothes that i had to put away today and i noticed:
4. my children are going through growth spurts
5. i am worried that amelie's 4t summer clothes will need to be upgraded to 5t by august--she is getting soooo big!
6. her feet have grown half a size in 3 months
7. and she needs new tap shoes (ahhh $$) ---every week in dance class she's like..."ow" and i always forget until the next week when she says "ow" again.
8. i tried to pick up maeve today and couldn't believe how heavy she was! i think she's gained 5 pounds this week. seriously.
9. i am hopeful that she will be on track for the plethora of 18-24 month clothes awaiting her for summer
10. mr. wonderful has a school thingy tonight. blah.
11. mr. wonderful bowled a PERFECT 300 game in wii bowling. totally noteworthy.
12. maeve hasn't taken morning naps all week, until today...and now, she doesn't want to fall asleep...hmm....
13. tomorrow is friday! i'm planning on taking the girls grocery ought to be memorable at the very least! ha!


A Repletion of Reverie said...

Are you sure it wasn't Amelie that bowled a 300?

Micayla said...

I am totally with you on number 2. I am dying to just be able to spend some time outside without a sweatshirt or anything