Friday, March 6, 2009

Shelly's Snippets

* Granny came over this morning to watch the girls so that I could grocery shop all by my very own self and it was awesome. It is amazing to have help with the girls during the day--it's like a miracle!!!

* Mr. Wonderful and I just dropped Amelie off at her first sleepover ever. Granny and Pop invited her over for the night (or maybe she invited herself...either way, she's there =) and she's been so excited!!! I hope she makes it through the night--she made a list of 20 things she wants to accomplish at her sleep over--so they have a busy night ahead of them. I will admit that Mr. W and I were a little emotional at the thought of our baby being not so baby-ish anymore.
* sigh....

* I'm going out with my friend Breezy to celebrate my oldness tonight! woo hoo!

* Here's my new favorite picture of the Maevenator who isn't very baby-ish herself anymore:

* Good night friends!

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JerseyGranny said...

So very glad to be able to help! And I'll fill in on the sleepover details as soon as I finish this nap. We're a little sleep-deprived but we had a blast!!!