Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's A Wonderful Family

This is my husband and I.
He's Wonderful.
God made us for each other.
And we are in love.
And his family's pretty cool too =)
We got together with most of the Wonderfuls today (We missed you PLL!) to celebrate the TOTALLY AWESOME MARCH BIRTHDAY PEOPLE and had a lovely time!
(Because, all the Wonderfuls are lovely, even if they aren't lucky enough to have been born in March =)
This is the pinata that brought out the best in all of the Wonderful Grandchildren.
Sorry it's out of focus...darn point and shoot!Here's Maeve, she couldn't care less about pinatas.
(Note her skeptical expression)
Here's our little ducks lined all up in a row!
Baby Ryleigh is in the picture too--but hidden in a blanket in Pop's arms.
As you saw before, Maeve just wasn't interested and Kezia was busy sleeping and such.
The big kid cousins: Naomi, Hadassah (a totally awesome march birthday person), Josh, Jameel and Amelie-girl.
Here's Amelie ready to take a crack! (Watch out Daddy, Maeve and Uncle Frank (another march birthday person!)
Amels loves pinatas and has been dying to take another crack at one since she had a chance at our good friends' birthday celebration!
Takin' a stylish crack at it!

It's a candy frenzy!!!
Amelie really only wanted skittles and just put a couple in her bag...
Mama had to "help her out" and get some kit know in case I she would want some later!

The cousins and uncle Ryan enjoying their spoils!

What a happy, fun, family day!


~Dawn~ said...

Ah, yes how I remember the pinata at Hannah girl's bday bash. Some of the kids were just too funny, while others were apprehensive about swinging the stick and beating the object that hung in front of them. Who says adults can't have pinatas at their parties?? I'm getting one next month -- that's it.

Micayla said...

I'm so sad I missed all the pinata action :-( and I'm sorry I missed you guys. I saw you stopped at the light to turn onto 70, so we just missed each other by mere minutes. Looks like everyone had fun though!

Julie said...

Pinatas are SO fun! I remember we got one for Bug's 7th birthday - it was a giant high heeled shoe...LOL It took the kids FOREVER to crack it open, though!

LOVE the name Haddaseh - Ande said if we ever have another little girl in our lives that we should name her that.