Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome New Little One!

My best friend had herself a sweet little baby boy yesterday!
Isn't she lovely? (and ahem...8 months pregnant in this picture)

And this is her and her dear husband Josh's new son, Asher!
(He has a big brother, 3, named Judah)
We're so glad you're here little one!
We can't wait to meet you and make your betrothal to Maeve all official like =)


Julie said...

She was 8 months pregnant in that picture? Good grief! She looked fantastic!

What a sweet new baby. I have a nephew that's supposed to be arriving in June who is going to be named Judah...pretty cool.

BTW, Puckey says, "I love that baby".

Micayla said...

So, no lie, I have a friend named Sarah and she has two little boys named Judah and Asher. That's kinda crazy.
I love that you're already playing matchmaker for Maeve.

Pamela said...

I so wanted to name this baby Asher (and by this baby I mean the one in mah bellah. But Mr. So and So said no. I said, "who's rocking this watermelon out? me, that's who." And Mr. So and So said no again. Meh.