Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Large/Jumbo Sized Wonderful Weekend: Featuring Amelie and the First Sleepover Ever and Shelly's 30th Birthday

We Wonderfuls had a very exciting and busy weekend!
I'm happy to report that Amelie's very first sleepover ever and only the 3rd night ever she's been away from her Mama went very well!
Here she is on the way to Granny and Pop's:
Amelie says, "I'm so 'cited!!!"
Daddy and Mommy got a tad emotional dropping her off.
Where did our 5 pound baby go and who in the world is this grown up girl?!?
Amelie spent the night before concocting a list of 20 activities to do with Granny at the sleepover, including, but not limited to:
1. bake biscuits
2. make lunch
3. make dinner
4. see bunnies
5. walk the dog
6. play pinata
7. have a party
8. eat candy
Amelie may have only gotten 4 hours of sleep but she did get to go to the zoo and the park and was well behaved for the Grandparents and for us upon arriving home--so EVERYONE is very very happy!
Can't wait to do it again Granny and Pop!!!
After dropping Amelie off Friday night I headed out with my friend Brie here:

The redstone grill! I had never been here but golly gee was this place awesome! They cook on apple/cherry wood over fire pits so the place smelled incredible! There was also a fun outdoor bar/firepit area and it was packed out!

I ordered a delicious chicken meal which I was unable to eat more than a few bites of because we devoured this first: you fondue?

I do and it was delish (note the nearly empty plate--I had to pack it away before I could take a breath and get out the camera and take a picture!) Yummy!!

The food was awesome, the company divine--what a happy cap to my 30th birthday weekend! To top that off, the next day Mr. Wonderful, Maeve and I had lunch at Applebees and we were actually able to have a full conversation with each other! Woot!

Things I learned this weekend in no particular order:

*life is more enjoyable when it's warm enough to open the windows, wear flip flops, skirts and NO coats-in-carseats!!!

*Conversations with your husband in the middle of the day is possible!

*Shopping is easier with one child.

*Everything is easier with one child.

*things are very quiet when Amelie isn't around

*Quietness is over-rated!!!

*easy-ness is over-rated!!!!

I'm so glad my precious family is reunited.

It's da bomb.


BluSkies80 said...

glad that you had a wonderful weekend! i def. think the weather helped=)

JerseyGranny said...

Love you, Shelly!

Sheri said...

I love it- very funny! What would we do withourselves with out kids?!