Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Shmursday; Alternately Titled: Wake Me Up When It's Friday

* this has been the longest day of my life
* for realz
* i got about 2 hours of sleep last night as maeve awoke more times then she did any other night in her entire 17 month existence.
* my handsome husband stayed home to help me wrangle the children today--PTL
* the maevenator had a doctor's appt, is on the road to recovery, and is much happier and healthier today
* i have been barfed on and crapped on more this week than ever before. ever.
* amelie hasn't taken a nap in 3 days....and i'm hoping that this isn't the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning or what-not and happenstance
* i am getting highlights and a hair cut on saturday--and i can't even begin to tell you how stinkin' excited i am for this special treat! ahhhhhh yes!
* it's hard to be all wakey-wakey and cheerful when it's dreary outside--let's keep our fingers crossed for SUN tomorrow!
* i need mocha coffee with whipped cream soon, if i do not get this mocha coffee with whipped cream soon i'm just not sure what will happen---i do know this,
it will not be pretty.
* bedtime is coming...the countdown is on...


Devin said...



Hope your night goes much better than your day. Here's to no more barf and no more crap.

Julie said...

Been there, girl, been there! Sending out some prayers for you that tomorrow will be a better day!!

It's tough when one of your littles is sick...

Sarah said...

Aww, Michelle! I'm sorry you've had such an awful week. I'm praying that you get some GOOD sleep tonight! (and Maeve too, since I'm sure she's exhausted from non-sleeping/sickness!) Take care - and enjoy Saturday! =)

BluSkies80 said...

Hey You, sounds like you've had a rough week there; sick babies do wear you down! I hope that Maeve is on the upswing soon! Sounds like you have a fun weekend to look forward to, just one more day=)