Sunday, March 22, 2009


Mr. Wonderful's Group performed 3 songs--one has been posted to You-tube so far. I've seen a better view of them but couldn't wait and had to post this! This is Unwritten (they also performed You Raise Me Up and Dare You To Move).


Julie said...

That was awesome! I really like that song, and they did a fantastic job with it! YAY for Mr. W & his team!!!!

Sheri said...

WOW- is that high school!? Jon LOVES a cepella- he started a group in college and they have won some big things too! Thats really great- they must be so siked!!! who does the arrangements? Does Mr W?

Very Cool!

Devin said...

Congrats to your awesome hubby! I know you are so proud!

I loved the end chord on inhabitiiiiioooooonnns.... cool dissonance there.

Hope nationals is awesome....I did that as a high schooler and it was an amazing experience! You'd have my vote for sure.

Truly awesome performance. That lead singer really has some amazing pipes.

Carol said...

Wow, congrats to all of them! They sounded great.