Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I totally forgot that today was the day!
Until, of course, we arrived at preschool and every ever-loving-child was wearing green from head to toe! Oops!
My grandmother was Irish to the extreme and always checked me out on St. Patrick's Day for a hint-o-green!
Have a Happy Day!


Pamela said...

We're having a corned beef brisket for dinner with cabbage and potatoes and carrots and a few rutabagas (for good measure). The only thing left to decided is do we have soda bread or Guinness Bread? Tough choices!

Sheri said...

HA! The same thing happened to us- opps- oh well- no one thinks the Asian kid has any Irish in him anyways:) ha ha- though he does:)!!!!