Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why I Plan To Turn 30 Every Year From Now On.

Before Mr. Wonderful headed to work on my birthday he told me to:
"Get ready, wait and stay home until something happens."

Um...I wasn't thrilled with the idea of being a house prisoner until some unknown time but I was excited that some type of surprise was in the works.

At 10 o'clock I finally got a knock on the door and opened it to the sight of:

our apartment complex repairman. Apparently my birthday was ALSO state inspection day. That was a little anti-climatic to say the least...

At 11 another knock and I opened the door to find my best friend and Granny here to steal me away and babysit respectively!

I was amazed when Sarah handed me balloons and a gift bag--inside of which was a magazine I have been looking for everywhere!--I even sent Mr. Wonderful out to buy it and looked myself at 2 stores to no avail! She didn't even know I wanted it--it was like a small miracle! I love small miracles!

Sarah took me to a fun little paint your own pottery place where she made a cute little box and I made a funky bowl--time will tell what they really look like--it was a ton of fun though! It was so nice to have uninterrupted talk time! I don't even remember what that is sometimes!

My sweet friend is 9 months pregnant and looks beautiful and amazing--I even had my stinkin' camera in my purse and was so wrapped up in the day that I forgot to take any pictures! ACK!

She also treated me to a yummy lunch and we headed back to relieve Granny of the girls and send them off to bed!

I also received fun treats from a few of my good friends (Thank you Amy and Janet!), lots of Happy Birthday songs on the phone, a million facebook messages and a special birthday dinner/desert from MR. Wonderful! Granny and Pop also stopped by with the most thoughtful and beautiful presents!

I even get to look forward to dinner out this weekend with my friend Brie! Seriously? This is the life my peeps!

Thank you everyone for making me feel special and loved, it was a wonderful day!


JerseyGranny said...

We loved being a part of your special day! Granny ~n~ Pop

BluSkies80 said...

you deserve it! so glad that you had a wonderful day! the pottery thing sounds like so much fun!