Thursday, October 14, 2010

17 Days Left of Less Than *One*-ness

Today I finally did *it.*
I took down the pack n play that's been in our bedroom since we moved in!
I remember attaching the bassinet and changing table.
I remember assembling it and folding tiny onesies and miniature pairs of socks.
I remember stocking the wipes and the newborn size diapers.
I remember gazing it at and feeling like it was mocking me as it seemed Ezra would never arrive!
I remember FINALLY bringing him home days past his due date and how little and handsome he looked sleeping inside of it.
I remember watching him sleep and checking to see if he was still breathing and running to his side every time he squeaked for the first few months of his life.
The truth is, he moved out of the pack and play months ago! 
He's been in his own big boy room for a while and I kept up the pack and play just in case....
Well, he obviously hasn't needed it for months so I stowed it away.
I remember putting it away after Maeve outgrew its use and sobbing. 
This time was easier and harder. 
There were no tears but my heart felt a little broken.
And then I went downstairs and he smiled at me and it was all ok.
I read this and wept today for all changes we've faced of late.
Good changes are not always easy changes!
I'm so glad that I'm not the only one caught up in the bitter and the sweetness of it all!

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Jessica said...

Oh sweet friend...I wish I lived closer to you...I think we could both use a good cup of coffee together!! :)