Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Tuesday Tale Por Vous

We had an absolutely fabulous day!
It was *beautiful* outside and we had a super fun lunch/morning playdate with some of our favorites!!
I am so lacking in the hospitality department (I blame it on a)everything about my type A/introverted personality) and my friend Brie is always so gracious and generous. 
Love her!
Today would have been Maeve's first day of preschool but 
a) she's not potty trained 
(read: epic fail on both my and her end =)
b) I couldn't bear to part with her! I've already sent Amelie off to school---I need more time at home with my not-so-little girl! 
I've really been enjoying my mornings with Maeve. Ezra takes an awesome morning nap and we can play or talk or veg. She will start after the half-year break in February and she will love it--I'm sure!
I was so excited this afternoon because it was all glowy and beautiful outside so I grabbed my camera and my baby and sat him down and *click* dead battery!
2 hours and 1 charged battery later we got a few *ok* shots. 

I'd really love to improve my photography skills. If Miz Boo lived closer to me I'd be at one of her workshops in a heartbeat!
My goal is to take a digital photography class in the next year. I think I might have a few friends I could convince to come with......=) 
So that's it. The babies are crazy and bedtime approacheth!
Tuesday is Glee and special snack night with my husband.
Even though I'm still not speaking with Glee over their "religion" episode last week.
I know it's a liberal show and I shouldn't expect anything positive about Christianity but the first half really bothered me. They tied it up all PC like but it'd be nice to expect more than just *PC* when it comes to my beliefs. 
Luckily I don't have to be politically correct on my blog! I can totally say, "I love Jesus and am so thankful for Him and for God's plan to save me through Him."
So I just did. =)
Happy Tuesday!


BluSkies80 said...

Michelle, I would LOVE to take a class with you! Really, I would! It would be way too much fun...especially with a friend. Here's what I was looking into a few days ago. Check out the site. They're in Philly every couple of months.


P.S. Ezra looks ADORABLE!

Devin said...

My words exactly to Shane after last weeks' episode were: "Whew. At least that ended okay...the first half had me really worried. I was NOT gonna be likin' THAT."

But you are right--they didn't do anything more than 'tie it up' in a PC way. I didn't like the terminology used...the things that were said...actually, none of the three shows have impressed me much this season! I am hoping for better. And quickly!

Oh, and--glad you had a good day :). Don't sweat it on the potty training. I'm telling you! :) She will get it. She's a rock star. She just wants all the glory in her own time. *heehee*