Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Shmensday

We've had a long, boring week here!
The babies picked up a cold somewhere last week/this weekend? And have been a tad miserable. 
They are getting better now--and I'm so thankful it's not a "bad" cold but they've been like little cling-ons! 
Thankfully, God made them super cute so it's not too much of a trial!
Maeve had a happy day--although I'm not quite sure she completely gets the concept of birthday--she wished everyone who wished her a happy birthday the same thing =) 
Love her!
I found out some very good news today! 
A friend is expecting twins! 
I actually have four friends that have either a)just had twins or b) found out they are having twins!!! 
Must be something in the water!!!
I want these from Old Navy:

I'm excited about Wednesday night tv. If you haven't watched Cougar Town you should totally check it out. I *KNOW* the name is just awful--it's not about "that" at all! It's absolutely hilarious--we just started watching this season and are enjoying it. We also started watching The Middle and Modern Family--both laughoutloud shows!
I love this song right now. I know--repetitive and not highly imaginative but sung but the cutest little chick ever. =)
The end.

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SarahV said...

josh totally made that song his ringtone a few weeks ago :)