Saturday, October 2, 2010

I've Gotta Pocketful Of Sunshine And It's All Mine!

What a busy day! This is the first time I've sat down. Phew!
We worked on a ton of house projects today!
I finished the curtains, the pillows and the art work for the new and improved toy/family room.
It was a big project....mostly because I went and started cutting my $40 of curtain the wrong spot...and had to totally revamp my plans and buy MORE fabric to finish my project. Gah. Thankfully, Joanns was having an awesome sale with awesome coupons and I got nearly 8 yards of the new fabric for $5. 
Awesome!!!! =)
My sewing machine gave me a royally hard time too. 
But I persevered and have a wonderfully happy room now!
Seriously, I'm a really big perfectionist (I know....*ew*) and this room always just sucked the life out of me because I hated it! 
So boring. So blah. 
It was the black hole of my house and now it's like the warm creamy center or somethin'. =)
Anyways, during my cleaning escapades today I was sorting out magazines and came across what Parents thinks would be an awesome costume for a father and daughter:

Can you imagine your husband dressing up as a 3 yr old princess? neither. Weird.
Moving on...I was taking old pictures out of picture frames and came across this hidden gem:

Look at *peacefully sleeping 3 week old* Baby Maeve and her chubby cheeks!!!!
I sobbed.
Amelie is 3 in this picture (the age Maeve will be in two weeks...ahem).
The time!!! It is fleeting!
I miss those chubby little Maevey cheeks!! 
There isn't any chub left on that kiddo anymore! =)
Anyways....that's it.
It was a good day spent scrubbing and cleaning and sorting and enjoying my precious little family.
Happy Saturday night!

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Pamela said...

that's an adorable baby...