Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebration Nation

It was lovely to celebrate Columbus Day by having my big-girl home for the day!
I told her the only thing on the agenda was to hug because I've been missing her so much! =)
It was absolutely gorgeous out! 

Between two trips to two different parks the girls were completely obsessed with building block towers today.
This is how most of the day went:
*build build build busy building busily
*wail, scream, moan---MY TOOOOOOWEEEERRRRRR!!!
*sign, rebuild, build build build busy quiet building
*wail scream moan TOWERRRRRRR!!! GAHHHHH!!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!!
It was a rollercoaster of emotion and frenetic energy.
But we survived....mostly because those five minutes in between each crash were pure happy-girls-playing-heaven!
And that was our day! Mr. Wonderful got home early and we had a very relaxing and peaceful-ish afternoon.
Hope you all had a happy "europeans discovering the americas day"!

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