Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our routine is so different now that Amelie is in school. 
It's a little hectic in the morning getting everything ready but once Mr. Wonderful and Amelie leave it's very quiet! Ezra goes down for a nap shortly after they go and it's been really lovely to spend my quiet mornings with Maeve.
I finally stopped being lazy and got her train set out and put together.
She has totally been loving it! 
Ezra is also enjoying "playing" with it to. 
Mostly he just likes to be next to his sister no matter what she is doing. =)

The problem with having kids with winter birthdays is that they all have their birthdays sooo close to Christmas. 
I'm not sure what I'm going to do for Christmas presents--not that we do a ton--but I like them to come away with a few things that they'll enjoy since they basically have to wait a whole year for another special day. =)
In other news, I sent a SuperGirl to school yesterday. She looked super cute but was not in the mood to pose for pictures! =) 
(You can tell by the deer-frozen-in-the-headlights-expression on her face =) short year ago today I was veerrrryyy pregnant and hoping that my little guy would arrive before Halloween. 
Spoiler alert: He didn't. 
It was pretty much the longest week of my life! 
Who ever heard of the third child being 3 days late? 
My poor, sweet, bff is in the same boat this year! She's due the same day I was with Ezra--although, I'm praying super hard for her that she won't have to wait until November to meet her little guy!
Our oldest children have nearly the same birthday too. 
I like it. 
Anyways--Ezra is down for a nap and this is my time to get something done around here! Happy Thursday!

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this kid better come tomorrow!!!