Sunday, October 24, 2010


What a beautiful day and what a blessing to be able to open the windows again to let WARM air (instead of coooolllllbrrr air) in!
The kids looked super cute today and I wanted to do a photo shoot at the park...and then the sun disappeared. So we put on play clothes and we tried a shot outside.
*oh the lengths we'll go to get maeve in a picture*
We still haven't given Maeve her birthday present (train/table). 
Mostly because 
a) she got tons of presents from her loving family!
b) I'm lazy. I plan to super velcro each track piece to the table so that Ezra can't destroy it at every turn. But that takes motivation and I haven't found any!
That's it I suppose.
Mr. Wonderful and the girls are at church for Christmas practice and I am home to put Ezra to bed in 3...2...1....
Good night!

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