Friday, October 8, 2010

Five For Friday!

1. Today was the kind of day where you think you're going to accomplish a lot but actually accomplish nothing. =) Oh well, I still have the whole weekend ahead to clean and play catch up!
2. I went to the mall today, with my lovely friend, for the first time in aggggess. My little family used to go every Friday night without fail....but that was back in the "we-live-in-a-tiny-apartment" days and we needed to GET OUT. Nowadays we don't need to get out as much so we don't =)
3. Ezra spent a good portion of the day giving Maeve rides on the Dora-mobile. TOO cute!
4. I took Maeve on the porch for a photo shoot today. She was kind of cooperative...she's a fast mover and a lot of them came out blurry. Here's my favorite shot of the day:
5. The kids were WILD tonight--something about Fridays!!! Everyone was tired and crazy. We went out for pizza and let's just say--it was a little scary! We headed to the park afterward and they burned off the crazies and came home normal. All in all--a good night =)


Pamela said...


Madre said...

LOVE the shot of Maeve....she looks like a movie star. Glad you survived your Friday. I love you!

Devin said...

That is an absolutely beautiful photo of Maeve! Love it.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your photos.