Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Facts

What a busy day!
Granny came over in the morning so that we could attend Amelie's first Kindergarten Parent Teacher Conference! 
It was all good news and Amelie is doing great! 
Yay Amelie!!! 
She loves school! 
Even though it's hard to have her gone she is having a wonderful time and learning so much! 
I'm so proud of you Amelie-girl!!
I also bought Amelie a long denim skirt because I couldn't resist it! 
She looks a little bit like a Duggar but I like it. =)

Maeve had her 3 year old check up. 
She was very worried when we arrived at the *Dr.'s Office* and it didn't help any that we had to wait foreeevvverrrr.
And it also didn't help that the 5yo next door getting shots was SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS and there was crashing and yelling and breaking noises. 
Maeve is still tiny. 
26 pounds and 34 inches. (5th %) 
Apparently she only grew 2 inches last year?
The doctor wants to check her in 6 months to make sure she's growing at the right pace.
I'm not sure how I feel about that. 
I kind of feel like she's just small but we'll see.
And then there's this.....It's been happening a lot lately!
And then, after dinner, we had an impromptu dance party.

Then we tried to take a picture of the three kids.
It was mostly a fail. =)

I love my little family soooo much!
I wouldn't trade my little corner of the world for anything!!!

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