Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The weekend (3 day woot woot) is almost here! Yay!
I'm so excited to do absolutely nothing! =)
Yesterday was sooooo warmy/hot-tish and I liked it! It's so much stinkin' better than being bone cold like we were all winter! Ezra even has shorts on today! Woo hoo!
We were lucky enough to have a park date yesterday--but the kids got hot and melty pretty quickly and were so worn out from their outdoor adventures that they skipped lunch and went right to nap! I couldn't believe it! =)
Last night Mr. Wonderful had to work and Granny graciously came by to watch the children so I could head to FAT Camp at church! My friends run it and do such an awesome job--it's an amazing workout! I've still been (slow)jogging almost every day and I'm actually getting a little faster! I'm almost a (medium)jogger! =) 
I measured my route the other day, and was sad that it isn't actually a little longer than it is. 
But, I'm happy to report that instead of only being able to jog 1 block like when I started, I can jog my entire 1.3 mile route! 
I think it's time to expand my horizons! =) 
And although I haven't changed my eating habits (aside from kicking soda out of the house--I still drink it out, just not in =), I have lost 10 pounds in the last two weeks! 
That's an amazing side affect I wasn't counting on! 
Hopefully with the added discipline in my exercise life will come the ability to apply that discipline to my eating habits! Time will tell! =)
And, I forgot to mention the other day that my friend A *did* have her beautiful baby girls--healthy and gorgeous and wonderful! Yay!!
I hope ya'll have a happy Wednesday!

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